SC Spotlight: the Columbia Museum of Art

About the Columbia Museum of Art

I stopped by the Columbia Museum of Art this past weekend as I was driving home from the beach! The museum first opened to the public on March 23, 1950. The mission of the museum is to “celebrate outstanding artistic creativity through its collection, exhibitions and programs, interacting in ways that engage the mind and enrich the spirit.” The museum was smaller than I had expected for such a large city, but it still had an incredible variety of art. The lobby even included this incredible blown glass piece by Dale Chilhuly.

Mark Rothko Exhibit

I mostly went to see their exhibit on Abstract Expressionist Mark Rothko. The exhibit, called Mark Rothko: the Decisive Decade, closes January 6th. The exhibit follows Rothko’s career from his early influences from other artists, to his interest in mythology, to his fascination with dreams, to, finally, his interest in in the relationship between color and emotion, which inspired his most well known paintings. Here are my favorite pieces from the Rothko exhibit:





African Face Jugs Exhibit

After taking African Art my sophomore year, I have had a love for all African Art. It might seem a little weird, but Picasso, too, was inspired by their face masks. The exhibit features a collection of African face vessels made by African American slaves in South Carolina.


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